Do I Qualify for Non-Earner Benefits?

Under Ontario’s no-fault auto insurance law, if you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident, you may be entitled to Non-Earner Benefits. It’s an important benefit because it covers people who aren’t eligible for the Income Replacement Benefit, which is geared more towards people who have full time employment.

If you don’t work, are over 16, a full-time student, or you’ve just graduated but haven’t started working, you qualify for Non-Earner Benefits.

The first half year of your disability is not covered. After that, however, you receive a weekly payment, which increases in amount depending on how long your disability continues.

As with all the benefits under the no-fault legislation, you must first inform your insurer that you are pursuing a claim and then follow an application process. A personal injury lawyer can advise you if applying for Non-Earner Benefits is the proper avenue for you.
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Who is Covered by Non-Earner Benefits?

Non-earner benefits are established to cover people who have been injured in an accident and who aren’t eligible for Income Replacement Benefits. It is an important complement to the other benefits offered under Ontario’s no-fault insurance legislation, as it covers people who are not employed.
If you don’t work or are over 16 and a full time student – or if you’ve jut graduated but haven’t started working yet – you can qualify for non-Earner Benefits. These benefits do not cover you for the first half year after an accident. After that, however, you are eligible to receive a weekly payment, which increases in amount depending on how long your disability continues.

What Other Categories of Coverage are There?

There are seven principal areas covered under the Insurance Act. In addition to the Non-Earner Benefits, and Income Replacement Benefits, there is compensation available for medical and rehabilitation expenses. There is a Caregiver Benefit, Attendant Care Benefits – even some help with schooling and funeral expenses.

How to Access These Benefits

You must give notice to your insurance company that you intend to make a claim for benefits within seven days of your accident. It is advisable to retain a personal injury lawyer to help you meet the deadlines and to access the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.